National Nutrition Week - September 2018

On the occasion of National Nutrition Week 2018,celebrated every year between 1st to 7th of September and the Department of Community Medicine is organising an international short film and poster competition. The theme this year is Go further with food.


Registation Form

Important note for the particiants:
1) All the creative aspect of the above mention projects must be original production, perjury and copying of the content will result in disqualification.
2) If asked for the proof of originality must be produced before the organizers.
3) Organizers have the right to screen and display the content in various media outlets and public places. Proper credit and intimation will be given to the content creator.
4) The films may be shot in any format but output must be in MPEG4 or AVI format. 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended
5) The film should be submitted by 27th August and the last date of regisistation is 25th August.
6) The short films may be in ENGLISH/KANNADA or in their original language, but MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH.
7) Posters must submited as e-posters in PNG or JPG format in 3ft(horizontal)*4ft(vertical)
8) Files to be submitted via the Google Drive Folder link in the registation forms for the individual.
9) Decision taken up by the organizers and judges will be final and binding.

World Breastfeeding Week - 2018


On the occasion of World Breast-Feeding Week 2018, the Department of Community Medicine is organising an international short film and poster competition. We aim to spread awareness and dispel myths surrounding breast-feeding. We hope to ensure that every child is exclsively breastfed for the first six months of its life. The theme this year is "Breastfeeding: Foundaton of Life"


Winner Poster: Thanigai Raja Pandiyan, MBBS, CMCH&RC, Trichy

Video Link

Winner Short Film: S Uthayakumar, 3rd MBBS, Thoothukudi Goverment Medical College, Thoothukudi


The Global Academic Research Institute proudly organized Forth International conference on Health and Medicine (ICHM 2017) under the theme of "Healthy People for Sustainable Development".On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the 04th ICHM 2017, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which will bring together many distinguished researchers from all over the world. Submissions are now open for both oral and poster presentation of all the scholar around worldwide. Two types of submissions are invited:
1. Full papers reporting on original and unpublished research.
2. Work-in-progress papers or Abstract.


ICHM 2017: Website

THEME: “Healthy People for Sustainable Development”

22nd December 2017 @ Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

World No Tobacco Day - 2017

Celebrated on the 31st May, 2017
Video Link

Newspaper Clipping
The Team Poster

International Conference on Food Quality, Safety and Security

The FOOD QUALSS 2017 aims at bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Food Sciences, food technologies, Human nutrition and related fields focusing on Food, Quality, Safety and Security. It is also intended to provide the premier inter-multi-trans-disciplinary forum for respective researchers, technologists, professionals to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and practical challenges encountered in the food sector.

THEME: “Better Life through Sustainable Production of Quality and Safe Foods”

Call for Papers:
Submit Your Abstract Before: 30th of June 2017
Send Your Abstract To:

International Conference on Non Communicable Diseases 2017

International Conference on Non communicable Diseases – 2017 provides an open forum for the academicians, researchers, clinicians, professionals in Public health, Practitioners, Social staff, to enhance their knowledge in the area of Public health and its restrictive necessities.

THEME: “NCD 2017: Global Responses to a Global Epidemic”

ICNCD 2017:
Call for Papers:
Submit Your Abstract Before: 1st May 2017
Send Your Abstract To:



Indian Academy of Social Sciences (ISSA) organizes Indian Social Science Congress (ISSC) every year with a view to discovering, developing and disseminating science of Nature-Humans-Society in concrete conditions of India in particular, and world in general, through critical appraisal and integration of current research and theory in all subjects of science taught and researched in Indian Universities, Colleges, IISERS, NISERS, IITs, NIITs, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Medical and Health Science Universities, IIMs, IIITs, AIIMS, PGIs, Research Institutes and national/regional laboratories. The phrase „Social Science‟ connotes basic character of science as an objective knowledge of non-living and living objects/things produced through collective mental and physical labour. Science of Nature-Humans-Society is indivisible and without any boundary.

The Indian Academy of Social Sciences in association with University of Mysore shall hold the 40th session of Indian Social Science Congress between December 19-23, 2016 at Mysuru. Since University of Mysore is celebrating its 100 years of glorious march toward discovering and disseminating science of Nature-Humans-Society, the 40th session

THEME: “Peoples Health And Quality of Life In India”

First Mysore International Conference on Medical and Social Sciences

2015 is the year for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. While Accomplishments are celebrated and acknowledged, Concerns are raised about the unevenness, gaps in achievements and unmet special challenges are identified. Embedded in the main philosophy of social science profession is to strive for social justice and equality in society. Women being one of the most marginalised sections across globe from an important group in social science mandate. Any effort to achieve MDGs based on any framework must be perceived as meeting social agenda as well. It again this background that theme of the proposed conference revolves around “Gender equity: Social issues and health challenges in today’s context”.

India’s country report 2011 on Millennium Development Goals starts that India is on track for some of the MDGs like combating extreme poverty, improving schools enrolment and child health care and controlling spread of killer diseases like AIDS, Malaria and TB but for other MDGs India’s progress is not very encouraging. However on other side there have been nations who have done exceedingly well and have met the goals se. we need to learn from these success stories as well. Thus, there is an urgent need to reflect, retrospect on worldly efforts in general and social as well as Medical interventions in particular in the larger global debate revolving around MDGs and plan future strategies in light of emerging framework for Post 2015 agenda.

The main objective of the conference will be to maintain the momentum for accelerating progress to post 2015, while taking stock of lessons learnt from efforts to achieve the MDGs so as to help understand the Global Medical & Social response to the development agenda beyond 2015.

THEME: “Gender equity: Social issues and health challenges in today’s context”